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State Department issues warning to US citizens: Be prepared for holiday terrorist attacks in Europe

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State Department issues warning to US citizens: Be prepared for holiday terrorist attacks in Europe

Post by Harry on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:45 am

State Department issues warning to US citizens: Be prepared for holiday terrorist attacks in Europe

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 by: J. D. Heyes

Tags: American tourists, terrorism warning, Europe

American tourists

(NaturalNews) Just as it has continuously done since taking power eight years ago, the Obama administration is continuing to traffic in fear, because after all, if you're scared, you're more willing to give up your rights.

As Thanksgiving approached and as the holiday season in general kicked off, there was Obama's State Department, issuing warnings to Americans to be leery of traveling to Europe over fear of terror attacks.

As The Daily Sheeple reported, the warning stated that there was a "heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe," particularly through the holiday season, with officials advising travelers to "have an emergency plan of action ready" – whatever that means.

The warning said that Americans should "exercise caution" if they decide to attend any holiday events and festivals, outdoor markets or any other venue, really. The department said that it had "credible information" that the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and various terrorist affiliates were continuing to plan attacks across Europe, and that there was especially a focus on the upcoming, Christian-themed holidays.

Europe has already been the target of Islamic extremist attacks for more than a year
State Department officials added that American citizens should also be alert to the possibility that extremist sympathizers or those who become "self-radicalized" (again, a misleading term, considering that someone or some cause has to be the reason someone becomes"radicalized"), may launch attacks with little or no warning (of course – because when has a terrorist group announced when and where it would attack?), "using both conventional and non-conventional weapons," while targeting official and private-sector interests.

The Islamic State may have begun in Syria and Iraq, but the group has since expanded to Libya and even Afghanistan. The group has taken responsibility for several high-profile attacks in major European cities over the past two years, notably in Paris and Brussels.

In its warning, the State Department reminded U.S. citizens that Islamic extremists have carried out attacks in France, Belgium, Germany and Turkey over the past year, adding that officials were particularly concerned that Europe could be hit again.

The travel alert expires Feb. 20, 2017. It also advises Americans to be cautious when visiting tourist sites, large holiday events, using public transportation or attending religious services at places of worship.

A Dutch counterterrorism official also warned that between 60 and 80 ISIS operatives are in Europe now, and are preparing to carry out attacks. The official further warned that the terror group is asking its operatives to forego traveling to Syria or Iraq and instead take the fight to the European continent.

At present, warned Dick Schoof, the Netherlands' National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, there are between 4,000 and 5,000 European terrorist fighters in Iraq and Syria, adding that "the chance of attack in the Netherlands is real."

How can an American tourist predict or stop a terrorist attack in Europe?
This is all well and good, but honestly it's pretty worthless as well. First of all, there is nothing an American can do while traveling in Europe to protect him- or herself, because European nations don't permit the carrying of firearms for self-defense – and even if they did, they wouldn't allow foreigners to do so.

Secondly, any "plan of action" won't be dependent upon the American tourist, but instead on whatever emergency measures will be taken by the government of the nation the tourist happens to be in at the time. And really, those plans will depend on any given situation and set of circumstances, so it's hard to plan in advance.

In addition, the State Department basically warned Americans to refrain from doing all the things they normally travel to Europe to do – see the sites, attend events, engage in commerce and visit landmarks and famous places. Really, what would be the point of going?

There may very well be new attacks in Europe in the coming weeks, just as there have been over the past several months – that Islamic radicals would seek to disrupt a Christian-themed holiday season should be obvious – but there is nothing an American traveler can do to prevent them.




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/056177_American_tourists_terrorism_warning_Europe.html#ixzz4RVGrxSCP


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