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Wake Up America Seminars * * June 16, 2017

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Wake Up America Seminars * * June 16, 2017

Post by Harry on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:56 pm

Wake Up America Seminars * * June 16, 2017


Since the summer season is underway, we have some ideas for roadtrips or visits with family/friends. Most of our teaching videos are also available on CD or MP3. For those that don't know, you can load MP3's onto your smart phone or onto a thumb drive to play in many modern cars. Here are a couple of Larry Wilson's books that are availabe on CD and MP3's:

Warning Revelation is about to be Fulfilled Audio Book

Bible Stories with End Time Parallels Audio Book

Scripture Thought for the Day

Psa 69:30-36 I will praise God's name by singing to him. I will bring him glory by giving him thanks. That will please the LORD more than offering him an ox. It will please him more than offering him a bull with its horns and hoofs. Poor people will see it and be glad. The hearts of those who worship God will be strengthened. The LORD hears those who are in need. He doesn't forget his people in prison. Let heaven and earth praise him. Let the oceans and everything that moves in them praise him. God will save Zion. He will build the cities of Judah again. Then people will live in them and own the land. The children of those who serve God will receive it. Those who love him will live there. (NIV)


Ana: "I discovered your YouTube site a week ago and have been learning so much and I want to learn more!" After talking with Ana for awhile I could see that she sincerely wanted to know more about the 144,000 and other Biblical prophecy events.
Christine: You have answered so many questions that I have had for a long time and I am grateful! I can't wait to read your articles (Wake Up Reports) every day!

Prayer Request

Sandi: Yesterday Sandi had Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on a tumor in her brain. The procedure was successfull. She is at home and felt fine this morning but now is not feeling so good. She described the feeling as having a war in her brain. She will be taking it easy for a few days to recuperate. Please keep her recuperation in your prayers.
Ana: Pray that Ana will come to understand the Bible. There are so many explanations of proper Christian living that she has been introduced to, she is having a hard time figuring out which one to live by.


For those of you that receive the monthly Wake Up Report in the mail, keep your eye out for the next series on demon possession. If you are not receiving the Wake Up Report, you are automatically added to the mailing list with any purchase of Wake Up America Seminars products.
More the 15 years ago, Larry did a series on the coming Antichrist titled The Coming King. He brings a wealth of information about the Antichrist and what he will be doing on Earth during the Great Tribulation. The links to the videos being released this weekend are:
Many Will Mistakenly Believe That The Antichrist Is Almighty God – The Coming King (10 of 15)
The Seal Of God Is The Only Defense Against The Powerful Antichrist – The Coming King (11 of 15)
Lucifer Will Appear To Descend From Heaven With A Retinue Of Angels – The Coming King (12 of 15)

The Coming King Series Playlist. Be sure to save the playlist because it will not be made public until the final video in the series is released.

Religious Related News

Will God Judge You on How You Treat Your Body on Earth?
What We Should Learn from the Kathy Griffen Fiasco?
Keys to Banishing a Critical Spirit from the Church
Do Children Go to Heaven when They Die?
What Science Says about The Age of Accountability?
How Discipleship is Transforming Nairobi, One Woman at a Time?
What If We Made Church Disciples and Left Church Growth to God?
Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under

Science Related News

Remnants of Tropical Storm Calvin Causes Flooding in Mexico
Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Eastern Turkey, Greek Island
New Map Details Sinking Land along Louisiana's Coast
Wildfire Pollution Greater than Previously Thought
Hand-Washing is Like Hitting a Reset Button in the Brain
NASA Finds 10 New Asteroids that Threaten Earth
Magma Stored Under Volcanoes is Mostly Solid
Highest Aviation Alert Issued after Alaskan Volcano Erupts

Health Related News

Study: Radon Increases Risk of Malignant Skin Cancer
Doctors Group Calls for Action on 'Exhorbitant' Drug Prices
New Research Provides Insight into Elder Abuse Incidence, Risk
Statins Should Not Be Uses Against Parkinsons' Disease
Dangerous Dog Flu Spreading through US
Study: Women Less Likely to Remember Thin Models
Groups Partner to Prevent Maternal Depression
Study: 1 in 5 Hospitalized Adults Have Side Effects from Antibiotics

Global News

Unemployed, Debt Weary Greeks View Eurozone Bailout with Skepticism
The Canadians Helping Refugees Start Anew
After 52 Years of War, Columbian Rebels Lay Down Arms
Perpetual Adolescence: When the Coming of Age Never Comes
This Theater Director Gets at the Big Issues of the Day -- With Young Actors

A Mother Who Knows from Experience What a Family Dealing with Homicide Needs
The Father Who Had to Face His Greatest Fear: A Handicapped Child
We Need to Welfare into Workfare

Please Note:
The information gathered for this WUAS NewsWatch is from many internet sources and is meant to keep readers informed of news relating to end time prophecy. Inclusions of links or quotations does not signify approval of the content or authors of the information by this organization.
Respond to WUAS News Watch or Send Prayer Requests
Email: diana@wake-up.org

WUAS Email Address
Email: wuas@wake-up.org

WUAS Web Site


Mailing Address
Wake Up America Seminars, Inc.

PO Box 273 - Bellbrook, OH 45305

Phone Number: (937) 848-3322 – Order Desk: (800) 475-0876

Office Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Mon through Thurs

8 am to 3 pm, Friday


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