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SHOCKING! Dead prostitute linked to major Clinton donor

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SHOCKING! Dead prostitute linked to major Clinton donor

Post by Harry on Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:12 pm

SHOCKING! Dead prostitute linked to major Clinton donor

August 11, 2017


A young black man was found dead on July 27 in the West Hollywood home of prominent Democrat donor and Clinton pal Ed Buck, according to The WeHo Times.

And as is usual with the Clintons and their friends, something very disturbing was reportedly going on below the surface.

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The Los Angeles County Coroner reported that Gemmel Moore’s cause of death was from a methamphetamine overdose. But LaTisha Nixon, the victim’s mother, did some investigating of her own.

Nixon claims to have discovered her son had been working as a sex worker — and that before his death, Buck had been flying him and friends into Los Angeles regularly for private events involving sex and drugs.

That’s not all. Buck, according to Nixon, was using his wealth to push these poor young men to get dangerously high on illegal drugs — and pleasuring himself to their reactions.

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Nixon recalls a disturbing phone call she received from her son a year before his death.

“He said that Buck had held him in his apartment or whatever and had shot him up with a needle with something he didn’t know what it was,” Nixon remembers. “He called me crying.”

She is convinced that Buck killed her son by injecting him with increasing amounts of illegal drugs – and that he would regularly use heavily intoxicated male prostitutes for sexual gratification.

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“[Buck] would supply heroin, meth and other drugs to him to smoke or use with a needle,” Nixon alleges. “Buck would pleasure himself at the sight of my son using drugs…”

Moore’s friend, also an escort, substantiated the story, according to Nixon. This friend claimed that Buck would have Moore “go out to… Santa Monica Boulevard looking for young gay black guys so he could inject them with drugs… and take pictures of them.”

Moore wasn’t the first young black man Buck abused, according to the report. Several other escorts came forward, according to The WeHo Times, and described situations where Buck allegedly offered them money to use dangerous amounts of illegal drugs in his mansion… all for his own sexual pleasure.

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Is there any more perfect example of the way the Democratic Party treats minorities?

Here we allegedly have a rich, white liberal who is “helping out” young, black men financially — but below the surface, they’re being abused and used for his own nefarious purposes.

For decades, Democrats have strangleholds over poor minorities. The party, critics say, uses improvised black men for their votes while promising economic help that never comes.

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Rather than helping minorities in the cities they control, Democrats use their stranglehold of power to reinforce the cycle of poverty by driving out business and entrepreneurs… which keeps the poor out of work and voting for Democrat-backed entitlement programs.

Sort of like inviting vulnerable young men to a mansion and using their poverty to force drugs on them for sexual gratification?

Of course, the mainstream media isn’t reporting this…

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But imagine if it had been a high-profile Republican donor who was allegedly involved in the death of a young black man he’d hired for sex!

The left would never let America forget it.

Buck donated heavily to Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign and also donated thousands of dollars to Democrats in the Los Angeles city council races, according to the Time report.

He is not the subject of any police investigation at this time.

— The Horn News team


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