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MSM Praised NKorea at Olympics, Now Bashes Trump For Diplomacy

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MSM Praised NKorea at Olympics, Now Bashes Trump For Diplomacy  Empty MSM Praised NKorea at Olympics, Now Bashes Trump For Diplomacy

Post by Harry on Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:09 pm

MSM Praised NKorea at Olympics, Now Bashes Trump For Diplomacy

Media's Trump Derangement Syndrome peaking over Korea summit

Wikimedia Commons

By Dan Lyman Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The same international press that fawned over North Korea's 'charm offensive' at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is now hammering President Trump for negotiating complete denuclearization with the 'brutal regime.'
The MSM is stretching itself far past the limits of even skeptical journalism to downplay the monumental events taking place on Sentosa Island in Singapore as the Korean Peninsula takes a giant leap forward towards peace and possible reunification.
Headlines and excerpts from the mainstream media this week include -
"Trump-Kim meeting: US President gives thumbs up to dictator: It was brief but unmistakable" - Independent
"U.S. won't bring up North Korea's human rights issues at Singapore summit: When Trump meets Kim Jong Un in Singapore, he will be sitting down with the leader of one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in modern history." - NBC
"Trump backs praise of Kim despite brutal history: President Donald Trump is defending his repeated praise of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un during their meetings in spite of Kim’s distressing record on human rights." - AP
"Trump lavishes Kim Jong Un with praise following historic summit" - ABC
Reuters is calling the freshly-signed denuclearization deal a merely "symbolic" gesture, declaring that the summit "falls short of Nixon-goes-to-China moment."
Despite many outlets purporting to possess powers to see into the future and behind closed doors in preemptively reporting that Trump and Kim would not discuss the brutal regime's disastrous human rights record, the President affirms that the topic was indeed addressed.

"It is a rough situation over there, no question about it and we did discuss it today pretty strongly, knowing the main purpose of what we are doing," President Trump said. "But discussed it at good length, we will do something on it."
Interestingly, the mainstream media was singing a much different tune during the Winter Olympics, when they leveraged any opportunity to glorify North Korean diplomacy if it could be used to reflect poorly on the Trump administration.

An icy confrontation between Kim Yo-jong and Vice President Mike Pence prompted a furious tirade from MSM hacks offended over the fact that Pence flatly ignored the younger sister of Kim Jong-un - whom CNN is still fawning over to this day in a piece touting her involvement in the Singapore summit as the "most powerful woman in North Korea."
Following the encounter, the Washington Post declared Pence "the worst person the White House could have sent to the Olympics," and the New York Times crowed that Yo-jong had "outflanked" Pence in diplomacy.
"When the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, decided to send a large delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea this month, the world feared he might steal the show," the New York Times fawned. "If that was indeed his intention, he could not have chosen a better emissary than the one he sent: his only sister, Kim Yo-jong, whom news outlets in the South instantly called 'North Korea’s Ivanka,' likening her influence to that of Ivanka Trump on her father, President Trump."

As many have half-jokingly remarked, President Trump could walk on water, and the media would attack him for being unable to swim.


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