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White House now preparing for apocalyptic EMP blast that could end human civilization

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White House now preparing for apocalyptic EMP blast that could end human civilization

Post by Harry on Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:36 am

November 24, 2015 By: L. J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Space weather scientists are shouting out and warning the world like never before. Earth has never been this susceptible to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could blast from the heavens above and end human civilization as we know it. The apocalyptic news even has the White House prepping. The federal government of the United States recently announced preparations to protect against a possible EMP blast.

The repercussions of the devastating solar flares would be catastrophic, taking out energy grids for months, rendering cell phones, electronic payment, and internet communication useless. The fragile $2.6 trillion economy would dissolve and everything would go dark as the desperate, unprepared masses fall into a panic.

As GPS systems shut down, people will be clueless about their location, looking around dumbfounded and afraid. GPS-dependent oil drilling would come to a halt. Train networks would stop transport. As high frequency radio communication went out, aviation would become null and void.

12 percent chance of EMP blackout in the next seven years
In 2012, Earth was spared as a powerful geomagnetic solar storm brushed by Earth's orbit. Scientists are predicting that this cycle of intense solar activity will continue till 2022 and believe there is a 12 percent chance Earth could be hit in the next seven years.

Space weather consultant John Kappenman puts it bluntly, "Frankly, this could be one of the most severe natural disasters that the country, and major portions of the world, could face."

Assistant to the President for Science and Technology Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, John P. Holdren warns, "Space weather is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has the potential to cause substantial detrimental effects on the Nation's economic and social well-being."

The White House has implemented a six-step plan, starting with the deployment of measurement equipment, which includes using the Richter magnitude scale to forecast solar events in the same way earthquakes are judged. The plan additionally calls for increasing the amount of satellites in space to give earlier warning. Space weather forecasters can currently predict a solar event only 15 to 60 minutes before it occurs. In a major power outage, there will have to be an expedient and mass effort to replace Extra High Voltage transformers. Power could go down for months even in the best circumstances.

If the worst happens, most people will be expendable
The action plan also calls for research into the potential effects that a solar storm could have on America's infrastructure. This will allow for an organized response and recovery plan that protects the most important components of America's economy first. The plan seeks to preserve government agencies, the insurance industry, the media, academia, and powerful players in the private sector if a catastrophic event were to unfold. The strategy coordinators admit that "much more needs to be done" to protect all Americans from the threat.

In 1859, the Earth was struck by a coronal mass ejection. It was known as the Carrington event. As the pulse hit, telegraph lines exploded, igniting fires at telegraph offices, shutting down power in Europe and North America. In those days, people weren't nearly as dependent on electricity as they are today.

Imagine how the devastation would play out today. The government's best satellite technology probably won't save us, and don't expect the people in power to care about average people like you, anyway. In a catastrophic event like this, most people will be expendable.

Those who survive a potential blast will have their own clean water, food abundance, natural healing, and self-defense action plan in place.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052092_EMP_blast_White_House_emergency_preparedness.html#ixzz3si6rHK2o


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