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Same globalist newspaper that pushes Monsanto propaganda as 'science' says we can stop radical Islam by being 'nicer' to terrorists

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Same globalist newspaper that pushes Monsanto propaganda as 'science' says we can stop radical Islam by being 'nicer' to terrorists

Post by Harry on Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:56 am

December 12, 2015 By: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) You can tell who is really serious about combating the various threats that face our country and the world by assessing the quality, practicality and seriousness of their solutions.

Take the threat that Islamic jihadis pose, not just to the Middle East, but also to other countries, especially the Christian secular West. In February, as ISIS solidified its hold on a self-declared caliphate carved out of portions of Iraq and Syria, and spread its reign of terror through mass murder, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf suggested that all that was needed to counter the group's influence was a jobs program.

"We cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war," she said, without a hint of evidence that she even realized the irony of what she had just said.

But then, in her interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews, she dropped this gem: "We need in the longer term – we need the longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. Whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs..."

Not a serious proposal
Yes, that's what they're teaching in today's Ivy League courses on diplomacy and international relations – that Islam-inspired jihadists would be deterred from ridding the world of infidels if only there were more Walmarts, car factories and union jobs in Islamic countries.

See, that's just not a serious proposal. And neither is another one that was recently published in the Washington Post, the same corporate media shill for biotech giant Monsanto, which supports endless production and consumption of GMOs, as evidenced by a hit piece against GMO-free Chipotle's restaurant in April.

As noted by Sarah Lyons-Padilla and Michele Gelfand, who were opining on what motivated ISIS to sponsor the mid-November attacks in Paris, France:

"The discovery that several of the Paris attackers were European nationals has fueled concern about Muslim immigrants becoming radicalized in the West.

"Some politicians have expressed views that the best way to avoid homegrown terrorists is to shut the door. ...

"Fearful reactions to terrorist violence are nothing new. Incidents of extremist activity are often followed by anti-Islam protests or hate crimes. Reports of the Islamic State luring Western Muslims abroad are followed by a tightening of homeland security policy. Just after the attacks in Paris, presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that he would be willing to close mosques in America.

"Such displays of intolerance can make Muslims feel like they don't belong in Europe or the United States.

"Our research, forthcoming in Behavioral Science and Policy, and in partnership with the World Organization for Resource Development and Education, shows that making Muslims feel this way can fuel support for radical movements. In other words, many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it."

Blaming us for them
Did you get that? It's our fault they hate and attack us – not radical Islam. The benevolence and inviting nature of the West is precisely why people from poverty-stricken, war torn regions all over the world migrate our way in the first place, but to these two "researchers," it's our "intolerance" and tendency to commit "hate crimes" that lures them.

How can anyone take such nonsense seriously?

And talking about "hate crimes" – isn't violence motivated by religious intolerance of another culture hateful? I mean, if attacking someone and killing them solely because they are not Muslims isn't a "hate crime," then nothing is. Lyons-Padilla and Gelfand are no different than any other Left-wing academic; the "hate crimes" and "intolerance" exist only on a one-way street.

The fact is, if Muslims are coming to the U.S. for the express purpose of a) trying to change our culture and impose theirs, and b) kill us if we don't "comply," then those Muslims don't belong here, period – and no amount of liberal moralizing by a pair of clueless academics who can't get beyond their own prejudices and predetermined conclusions is going to change that.





Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052290_Radical_Islam_terrorism_intolerance.html#ixzz3uOxCjMss


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