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Post by Harry on Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:30 pm

Is “christmas” Christian?

December 4, 2015 | By Bart Sibrel | News Articles, US News, World News, Sleuth Journal, Multimedia, Special Interests, Mainstream Media, Propaganda, Templars Of The Crown, Society, Conspiracy Corner, Faith

Black Friday

“Your CREATOR says: Do not imitate the ways of the pagans . . .

They cut down a tree and decorate it with silver and gold.”

Jeremiah 10:2-4

{Videos at End in References}

“Christmas-time” brings a lot of memories of pleasure, yet to be quite honest, none of them have to do with the birth of the Savior of the world. Instead, they are of debaucherous eating, intoxicating drinking, and material excesses.

One of my earliest memories of heartbreak was when I was six years old. A junior high school student who shared the school bus I rode, spilled the beans that my parents were really “santa claus”. When I got home, I asked my parents about this in separate interviews. (I guess I was an investigative journalist even back then!) They both categorically denied the youngster’s confession. Suspecting that something was afoul in their unconvincing defensiveness, I continued to press my parents on the issue. They continued their denial. Unsatisfied and unpersuaded, I pushed the issue even harder to get to the bottom of the matter, behind their suspected cloaking. My father finally got sick of my persistent inquisitiveness and angrily acknowledged their years long deception.

When I found out the truth, I was heartbroken. I cried myself to sleep. Why was I so devastated? Because this dream I had hung my happiness on my entire life turned out to be a lie.

Why are manipulative lies being told to unsuspecting innocent children? Is not the account of the Son of the Eternal Father, willingly leaving the glory of heaven in exchange for the humble estate of a barn to save His ungrateful and unsuspecting Creation, enough to enchant a child? Yes it is! Why then has the false idol of “santa clause” and his allurement of material wealth, which will all soon perish, held in higher esteem than, and diverting enormous attention from, the unsurpassed gift of eternal life and the remarkable bearer thereof?

“What is seen is temporary. What is unseen is eternal.”

2nd Corinthians 4:18

Believe it or not, the world’s “christmas” directly competes for focus with the Messiah, so it brings a big smile to Satan’s face, as well as a tear to the crucified Savior’s eye, for its annual pagan revelry.

The Savior of the world was not born to instigate a commercial enterprise, nor to promote additional worldly debauchery, materialism and competitive violence.

I was in wal-mart last spring at “easter-time”. I noticed symbols (idols) of rabbits and eggs everywhere, yet I did not see a single representation of the Messiah. “Easter”, I discovered, was originally “Ishtar”, the pagan celebration of springtime sex, hence rabbits and eggs. Get it? What amazed me is that this tradition is more than 4000 years old (traced specifically to the fallen Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah; the conduit through which nearly all worldwide pagan “holiday” rituals began), and here we are doing the exact same thing with bunnies and eggs to this very day, 4000 years later! Wow! Nothing has changed in 4000 years! The exact same pagan tradition has been passed on from parent to child all this time, only now we try to claim the exact same pagan rituals as “righteous”.

Nimrod, after he died, was immediately deified by the pagans and worshiped as “Baal” (the “sun-god”), the number one direct competitor in the Old Testament for the affection and worship of the true Creator. Nimrod’s wife Semiramis (also known as “Ashtoreth”), was the number two Old Testament competitor for the Father’s true worshipers. After she died, she too was deified, allegedly reborn at sunrise out of a red egg laid by a menstruating rabbit. Her reborn name was “Ishtar” (Easter). To commemorate this, the pagans held a sunrise worship service at the beginning of springtime (or birth) and painted eggs red, from the blood they attained from the babies they had just sacrificed in their pagan ritual. So when we tell our children to paint their “easter” eggs, this IS where the tradition (ritual) comes from.

“Cupid” was the nickname of Nimrod’s son Tammuz, who had sex with his mother Semiramis in another pagan ritual. When you celebrate “st. valentines day” of alleged “romance”, it is that of incest between a mother and a son. When Tammuz (Cupid) died prematurely, in the prime of life, this was commemorated for thousands of years on December 25th as a funeral mass (christ-mass), at the beginning of winter (or death), by cutting down a tree, in its prime of life, making it an idol, and then decorating it with silver, gold and lit candles, created from the fat of children sacrificed on their pagan alter.

“Your CREATOR says: Do not imitate the ways of the pagans . . .

They cut down a tree and decorate it with silver and gold.”

Jeremiah 10:2-4

“The children of Israel did evil in the sight of THE CREATOR . . .

They forsook the Father . . .

who had saved them from the pagans and their ways . . .


Judges 2:11-13

Now a word from our sponsor, then the article will conclude. Please check it out by clicking on it to send me some revenue, free of charge to you! Thank You!

You see, without knowing it, or perhaps deeply contemplating it, until now, December 25th is really the “Tammuz-mass” for the death of the son of Baal (the notorious, blood thirsty pagan god), not for the birth of the Divine Creator’s Son, the Messiah from Nazareth, whom all scholars agree was born in the fall, not the winter, during the Feast of Tabernacles. Toward the end of the third century, when the “church of rome” wished to increase their attendance rolls (and thereby collections), they simply claimed to convert millions of pagans by sprinkling them in crowds of tens of thousands with “holy water”, never teaching them the Father’s commandments, nor truly converting them by repentance, nor baptizing them one by one by submersion, only after individual proof was shown of the foregoing, all of which the scriptures insist on for true conversion.

To graft these millions of pagans into the now fallen church, which quickly became a global financial and political enterprise, the corrupt church leaders adapted nearly all of their newly unconverted parishioner’s pagan rituals into the church as “rites” and “holidays” to pacify them with familiarity. To claim that December 25th is what was spoken of in scripture as “Today in the town a David a Savior is born” (Luke 2:11) is comically blasphemous . . . if there is such a thing.

Goat Pentagram

If I were a goat farmer who wore a shirt with a goat head in the middle of a pentagram, innocently thinking I was promoting my industry, and then someone pointed out to me that the very same symbol was used for devil worship, should I continue to wear it once I knew better saying, “Well . . . It doesn’t mean that to me” ? The question should be, “What does it mean to the Creator?” Remember, the Eternal Father was there, and He does remember, even if we don’t. He was there for Baal and devil worship. He was there for Ishtar and the child blood eggs. He was there for the incestuous Tammuz-tree tradition, the very day it started. We may not see the pagan connections in these things, yet I assure you He does! Do we not think the Creator finds it odd to bring in these very same pagan rituals or symbols or idols into His church . . . into His sanctuary . . . on the very same pagan calendar days . . . all the while calling it the worship of Him?

Are we more interested in pleasing people . . .

Or the One who Created us?

“The Creator forgave past sins of ignorance . . .

Yet now, in better knowledge, He commands us to repent.”

Acts 17:30

As you will see from the references at the end of the article, “santa clause”, the “christmas tree”, wreaths, holly, poinsettias, and many other “christmas” symbols (idols) come directly from pagan fertility rituals for the worship of false gods, which directly competed for our Creator’s and Savior’s attention, servitude and affection, just as they do today. It might be a different matter if the symbols were simply secular historically (non-religious) in their origin (like a turkey at “thanksgiving”), yet because they are direct representations of identical ancient forms of pagan religious worship rituals of false gods, I think it is a much more serious matter than we may first believe, especially if we are doing the exact same rituals on the exact same days in a religious endeavor.

If we claim “christianity” as our title, then no doubt we see the world as a “fallen” place. What makes it fallen? The breaking of the Creator’s laws. What are the most fundamental of the Creator’s laws? The Ten Commandments. What are the most fundamental of these commandments? #1 “Have no other gods before me.” #2 “Do not use idols.” . . . Hummm? . . . (All the other commandments are being broken in the world, so why not these, right? . . . Or have we perhaps forgotten the first two, mistakenly thinking they are somehow antiquated, not realizing that we can still break them today?)

“You shall destroy what is pagan . . .

For I am JEALOUS for my creation’s affections.”

Exodus 34:13-14

If my spouse is jealous because I spend a lot of time talking to an attractive co-worker and I think they are overreacting, should I continue the behavior anyway, or rather care about what my beloved thinks and alter my actions accordingly?

Would I want my wedding party to have even one old lover as a guest (or a picture/symbol {idol} thereof), there to be seen by my new devout spouse?

There is a bar in my hometown that is well known for every form of sexual immorality, and they have the best “christmas” decorations I have ever seen! . . . “christmas” trees are everywhere! This should tell us something about whether or not the holiday is really about the righteous Creator or not.

If “christmas” were really about the Messiah, malls would have an actor dressed like the Messiah in the middle of them instead of “santa clause”. There would be sheep instead of elves. Children would sit on the Messiah’s lap and tell the Messiah what they wanted. The beloved Savior would be at the end of the “thanksgiving day” parade walking with a staff and lambs (representing the Word and the children of the Creator) instead of “santa clause” riding in a sleigh with presents (representing the allure of momentary gratification). Who is “santa clause” anyway? You guessed it. The Savior’s competition and nemesis. Who else? Satan himself.

Saturn in Sky

As you will see from the first video reference at the end of the article, “santa” riding a sleigh in the sky originated from the pagan god “saturn” (the death angel; the devil). He too rode a chariot in the sky, had a long white beard, and was often depicted with a child on his lap . . . to eat them for dinner! In the second video reference, you will discover the Scandinavians later adapted Saturn into “Odin” (lucifer), the bearded god of war, death, intoxication and seduction. The Europeans adapted “Odin” into “Robin the Hobgoblin” (or satan), who announced his dreaded arrival with the warning laugh of “Ho! Ho! Ho!” . . . Incredible isn’t it! . . . We willingly put (sacrifice) our children on the lap of satan and bring pagan idols (trees) into our homes where they become the center of attention and festivities . . . just like the pagans did 4000 years ago!

Saturn Eats Child

In Exodus 32:1-8, when Moses left Aaron in charge of the Israeli community, which had just left Egypt, he fashioned a calf out of gold (as was worshiped by the Egyptians) and then said that the Hebrews were to worship the true Creator in this same pagan way. He was obviously proven wrong. When Moses returned, he said that the pagans among them had caused them to pervert the holy way in which they used to worship the Creator, rebuking them to never, ever again worship the Eternal Father with pagan customs.

“When the Eternal your Creator drives out from before you the pagan nations which you go to possess, and you replace them and live in their land, beware that you do not follow or imitate their pagan customs or ways of worship, inquiring ‘How did they worship their false gods? We will worship the true Creator likewise.’ You shall not worship the Eternal your Creator the same way the pagans worship their false deities.“

Deuteronomy 12:29-31

Just as Michael Jackson and pedophile priests were always seen smiling as they embraced little children, “christmas” too has the appearance of spirituality, yet as any “black friday” demonstrates, the holiday is really about materialism, revelry and self-indulgence, not about the Creator’s Savior who said . . .

“Do NOT store up for yourselves treasures on earth . . .

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:19-21

“No one can serve two masters . . .

You can not love the Father and possessions.”

Matthew 6:24

“Do not love this world or the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, they are from the world. This world is fading away, along with the possessions that people crave. Yet, anyone who loves and honors the Father instead of the world will live forever.

1st John 2:15-17

“You have let go of the commands of your Creator . . .

So that you may take hold of your pagan traditions.“

Mark 7:8

“Christmas”, “easter”, “st. valentine’s day”, “st. patrick’s day”, “halloween” . . . all came about after the “church of rome” became paganized in the third century. None of these “holidays” were ever celebrated by the apostles, or the Savior, or their followers, or anyone for the first three hundred years of the Savior’s church. Why? Because they knew better. Because they knew they were 100% pagan rituals. Do we know better than the apostles, when we are so much farther from the time when the Messiah walked the earth and the establishment of the pure church He founded? Shouldn’t we, if we are going to celebrate any “holy”days, celebrate Passover or Pentecost or Tabernacles, instead of “cupid’s (incest) day” or “(demonic) halloween” or Baal and Tammuz’s December 25th “mass-day”?

“Christmas”, in fact, was outlawed numerous times in the past by Creator-fearing governments, leaders like Oliver Cromwell, and the earliest christian reformers, specifically because of its pagan origins and debaucherous customs of which we now study. Not only was “christmas” outlawed by the christian reformers in Europe, it was adamantly outlawed by the first christian immigrant reformers of America as well, due to its lascivious revelry and rampant violence, just as we have today. What a victory for Satan that we have since forgotten to shun this pagan enterprise as unholy!

Charles Spurgen, one of the most highly acclaimed pastors of all time by all denominations, said on December 24, 1871:

“We do not believe in ‘christmas’, rather we abhor it!

It is unscriptural and superstitious. It’s authority is undivine.“

My fiancée attends a devout Christian “sister” church on an island nation that refuses to bring these ancient pagan symbols (idols) into the sanctuary for these very reasons. Her congregation, being on a small island, has had little outside influence to hinder the purity of the initial church planting more than a hundred years ago. Here in America (some argue a “beast nation”), on the other hand, compromise is acceptable because we all grow up in the middle of a most compromising nation. So subtly and gradually have we become accustomed to compromise, that we don’t even perceive it. My church, though of the same denomination, has had in the past, pagan “christmas trees” not only in the church, on the sanctuary stage (alter) itself. Why, if they were originally idols of Tammuz, son of Baal?

Even if a church were to not bring in the pagan trees, yet still focused the year’s attention of the birth of the true Messiah on or around December 25th (the mass-day for the son of Baal, the false messiah), with the reading of Luke 2:11, stories of the Messiah’s birth, “christmas” songs and the usual “christmas” customs and references to the time as a “holiday” (though pagan), all the while knowing that the Savior was born in the fall during the Feast of Tabernacles and that this is really the day of Tammuz (the son of the false god), are they not still giving in to the ways of the pagan world and trying to make something unholy, holy, and trying to please men rather than the Creator of men?

If I asked my spouse if it would be okay with them to celebrate our anniversary on the same calendar day as my previous spouses’ anniversary instead, what do you think their reaction would be? Do we not realize that the same feelings could be felt by our heavenly Father and His Son?

The paganism in “christmas” today, by gleeful participants of unrepentant, violent, rebellious, and lascivious openly non-christian revelers, should be enough proof that it is being celebrated just as it was 4000 years ago . . . Tammuz and Baal, and their abominable self-indulgent way of life, are still being honored . . . and on the very same calendar day!

If we claim we are compromising to win people to the Son, are we not going to win over compromising people? If, on the other hand, we take an unpopular stand for the Son, will we not win over people who are willing to take an unpopular stand for the Son? Which of the two types of people would the Son prefer in His Church? No earthly prophet except Christ is infallible on such customs, yet the very same End Time prophets have said exactly this about attracting either worldly or holy converts to the Father’s congregational family in the Last Days, by holding the Father’s standards high, rather than low, as well as there being additional unpopular truths to be revealed in these Closing Hours, to prepare for even greater purity of the Church Bride before the Messiah’s return. These I lay before you.

There actually is a new testament scripture that addresses a pagan issue just like this. In speaking of whether or not to serve meat that was previously sacrificed to an idol:

“If your brother is grieved because of your food . . .

(or pagan holidays)

You are no longer being loving . . .

It is good to abstain from meat or wine . . .

(or pagan holidays)


If they cause your brother to be grieved.”

Romans 14: 15 & 21

We are commanded not to offend our Christian brother, even if we are not offended by the matter itself. A wine drinker (hopefully) can go one meal without drinking wine to suit a recovering alcoholic at the table. A meat eater should be able to eat vegetables for one meal to please a vegetarian host. A true Christian should be able to live through the month of December without bringing “christmas” decorations into the church which offend those who realize they are of pagan idol origin. (After all, the “church of rome” has “christmas” trees and decorations throughout their churches, as do abominable nightclubs. Do we really want to follow their example?)

Personally, now that I know better, I can not think of one person who would not attend my church in December if the pagan symbols were not brought in, yet I can think of several people who are now not attending because the pagan symbols are inside of the church.

Seeing how “christmas” is supposed to honor the Father and the Son, yet has been taken over by the specific symbols (idols) and customs (rituals) of ancient paganism, the exact same ones which were used to worship false gods on the very same days, shouldn’t I avoid them and the holidays associated with them to worship the Creator in purity?

“You shall not worship the Eternal your Creator

the same way the pagans worship their false deities.“

Deuteronomy 12:31

The Father is holy. What is “holiness”? Purity. Would I want to drink a glass of orange juice with only one percent gasoline? If not, then why would I want to bring in even one percent paganism into The Creator’s Holy Church? In His book, any impurity makes something holy, unholy . . . even one percent. Do I love and protect my body more than the Creator’s Church?

If I put a cross on a swastika while I praise the Messiah,

does that make the swastika symbol Christian?

“Come out from the unbelievers and be separate,


And do not touch pagan things . . .

Then I will receive you.”

2nd Corinthians 6:17

–Brother Bart-



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