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Green Gestapo: TV programs that mock global warming being memory holed by governments to erase any trace of their existence

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Green Gestapo: TV programs that mock global warming being memory holed by governments to erase any trace of their existence

Post by Harry on Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:26 pm

December 22, 2015 By: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The only way the cabal of global warming/climate change hoaxers can be heard, is by silencing anyone with countermanding evidence that the hoaxers are lying to the entire planet. One of the cultist cabal's latest victims of the "green Gestapo" is Britain's Quentin Letts.

As he explains in a story at The Daily Mail, what happened to him was a bit like what happened to a member of the Soviet-era Politburo who had fallen out of favor with then-Premier Josef Stalin in 1940, shortly before World War II began in earnest in Europe.

Using a concept that George Orwell – author of the forward-looking 1984 – created, namely the "unperson," described as "someone who had so offended official thought, he or she was vaporised — not just liquidated but wiped from the record for eternity," Letts wrote that he had been treated similarly by a British media icon for questioning global warming orthodoxy.

Even a tongue-in-cheek presentation is considered a threat to the hoaxers
He wrote:

"When a Politburo member called Nikolai Yezhov, People's Commissar for Water Transport, fell out of favor with Joseph Stalin in 1940, he was not just killed.

"A photograph of him beside Stalin in happier days was doctored to remove all trace of the unfortunate Yezhov. It was as though he had never existed.

"And he was not the only one.

"Though the circumstances are less dramatic, I am at present feeling a few twinges of solidarity with Yezhov."

Earlier this year, Letts noted, he produced a Radio 4 program titled, What's the Point of the Met Office? (Met – as in meteorological, as in monitoring and forecasting weather and, of course, climate change.)

In recent days, Letts noted, "after a bizarre and focused lobbying campaign" from environmental groups, his program was removed from the BBC's iPlayer playback list.

"To adapt Orwell, What's The Point Of The Met Office? became an un-program," he wrote, an act he blamed on the radical political Left which is as invested in the cult of global warming as a hedge fund manager is in the stock market.

"I had been censored, expunged, deleted or 'dealt with,' as RAF (Royal Air Force) types put it," he wrote.

"The experience was baffling rather than upsetting," he continued. "The program has only ever been intended as a light summer diversion, yet it was mistaken for some sort of attack on the Establishment's global warming theory."

And it is just a theory, remember; no "model" has yet to accurately predict warming or climate change events, and in fact, all of the wild, fear-mongering predictions that the world is ending, thanks to the local shoe factory and your SUV, have been wrong.

"I am writing about it now simply because the media story in which I have unwittingly found myself reflects a worrying rise of intolerance in our public life, and because the response of BBC executives and the BBC Trust, the governing body responsible for acting in the interests of license fee-payers, has been so astonishingly over the top," Letts wrote.

"It is as though the RAF used one of those missiles to 'deal with' an innocent old bloke selling hummus by the side of the road in Raqqa."

The agenda of the Global warmists is all that matters to them, and they know that the so-called "science" ostensibly proving steady warming does not exist, and that any data showing warming has been doctored.

Rather, as Freedom.news reports, the agenda is all about control, nothing more, nothing less:

"Let us be frank: The climate change agenda espoused by our president and others has nothing to do with 'climate' and everything to do with controlling the masses – the choices we make, the lifestyles we live, the places we choose where we choose to habitat, the number of children we have, what we drive, how much we consume, and so forth. These people, as constitutional lawyer and talk show giant Mark Levin has noted, are not 'progressives' but rather 'degrowthers.'"

Letts understands this a little better now than he did over the summer – no doubt about it.






Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052401_Global_warming_censorship_Quentin_Letts.html#ixzz3vS7xEFTp


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