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Microsoft’s Mind-Reading Software to be Used Against Americans

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Microsoft’s Mind-Reading Software to be Used Against Americans

Post by Harry on Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:31 am

Microsoft’s Mind-Reading Software to be Used Against Americans


nsa surveillance

By: Dave Hodges

Every Move You Make, They’ll Be Watching You

Facial recognition has gone to a whole new level. It is entirely possible to tell what a person is thinking if they have access to a new generation of facial recognition software. Who is behind this and what do they want?
The Genesis of Mind-Reading Software

In 2015, the Microsoft Project Oxford team announced plans to release public beta versions of new tools that help developers take advantage of those capabilities, including one that can recognize emotion and tie the micro-expressions tied to thought.

facial recognition 22

Chris Bishop, is the head of head of Microsoft Research Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and he previously showed off the emotion tool earlier in a keynote talk at a conference entitled, The Future Decoded, a Microsoft conference on the future of business and technology.
On Display at the DNC: Microsoft Cognitive Services

In a previous post, Microsoft said that their emotional analysis could detect anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, neutral, sadness and surprise.

Microsoft’s is publicly saying that their emotional impact software, officially labeled as, “Realtime Crowd Insights”, could be used to evaluate and recognize human facial expression and draw conclusions in the area of crowd response at rallies.

On the surface, this seems like a harmless tool that could be used by campaign managers and political scientists. However, as noted in the video below, this technology is the outgrowth of older NSA technology which has moved countries, such as the UK and the USA, closer to an all-encompassing police state surveillance grid.

More Nefarious Implications

LACOSTE the "All seeing eye"

LACOSTE the “All seeing eye”

In a nowhere to run and nowhere to hide scenario, DARPA, has developed technology which allows the military to spy on entire cities with its Large Area Coverage Optical Search-while-Track and Engage (LACOSTE). LACOSTE is a program of imaging technology that will allow for “single sensor, day or night, ongoing tactical surveillance of all moving vehicles in an urban area. LACOSTE can now identify individual humans in the same manner with the next generation of facial recognition software. This technology is consistent with Microsoft Cognitive Services which was unveiled at the DNC. However, LACOSTE is the military application of this software. In other BETA testing activities, this surveillance system is being integrated into department store video surveillance, the street light turned spy Intellistreets as well as all traffic cameras. If the globalists want to find you, you better have a “cloaking” device to hide behind. And now, thanks to Microsoft’s news “mind-reading software, potential guerrilla insurgency forces could be targeted through this technology. This new technology will also be employed in high pressure interrogation sessions of potential enemy combatants.

I went to one of my sources who I thought would offer insight as to the application of this technology. I was told that this technology is actually 30 years old and what we were seeing at the DNC was the very low-level application of this technology. This technology was originally developed in order to counter a guerrilla force in which the “combatants” might be accountants or farmers by day, and a Viet Cong type of resistance force which comes out at night. I have also learned that the new generation of AI combat robots are armed with this technology and could hypothetically be programmed to identify individuals with bad intent and move against them accordingly. Drones are being/have been equipped with the same technology.

UWEX 16, as I have repeatedly documented, is an exercise in which rogue American military units are opposing the government. These “rogue American military units have hypothetically adopted guerrilla tactics and this new type of anti-guerrilla technology is being brought to bear. The old technology simply relied on facial recognition. The new technology not only recognizes faces, but evil intent in the moment.

Since most guerrilla activities are designed to occur under the cover of darkness. The cover of darkness is no longer an ally for future American rebels.
Isn't it time to start paying attention to UWEX?

Isn’t it time to start paying attention to UWEX 16?

The administration is preparing for a civil war, that will likely be guerrilla orientated by nature. They are preparing, are you ready?


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