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The politics surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats don’t care about the environment and are more interested in money

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The politics surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats don’t care about the environment and are more interested in money Empty The politics surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats don’t care about the environment and are more interested in money

Post by Harry on Thu May 24, 2018 2:12 pm

The politics surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats don’t care about the environment and are more interested in money

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 by: Edsel Cook

Tags: agrichemical companies, agriculture, badfood, badhealth, badpollution, badscience, biotech, corruption, Dangers of GMOs, Dioxins, Dow Chemical, Ecology, economy, environ, environment, environmental harm, farming, Fight against GMOs, genetically modified crops, glyphosate, glyphosate poisoning, GMO, GMO corporations, GMO foods, GMO labeling, Monsanto, Monsanto collusion, Monsanto deception, pesticides and herbicides, Roundup, superweeds, toxic chemicals, weed killers


(Natural News) By and large, government bureaucrats in America and Europe don’t care two sticks about the environment or public health. They only care about the profits promised by big businesses that are using GMOs to take over the world’s food supplies, an article in GreenMedInfo stated.
It started in the U.S. in the 90s. The executives of pesticide companies like Monsanto stand accused of inventing agricultural genetic engineering to ensure the continuing sales of glyphosate, 2,4-D, and their other chemical weed killers.
Corporations reputedly duped farmers into embracing genetically modified crops as safe, even though animal studies proved GM foods and weed killers caused damage to various body organs. They influenced regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Department of Agriculture (DA) to sanction their biotech experimentation and herbicide use.
They successfully turned agriculture into a profit-making machine under their sole control. GM food allowed the corporations to take control of farms and food production in an entire country. (Related: Genetically modified rice from China approved by the FDA — without independent testing.)
Corrupt European politicians ignore open letter from America, welcome GMOs and weed killers
Belatedly aware of this, 57 million Americans signed an open letter and sent it to the leaders of the European Union (E.U.) in 2014. The letter begged the European politicians to avoid the U.S.’s mistake by blocking the introduction of GMO products into the Old World.
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The open letter was ignored by the leaders of the E.U. Instead, they welcomed GMOs and approved the continued use of deadly weed killers.
Anti-GMO activist Rosemary Mason claimed politicians in the E.U., U.K. and U.S. are in the pockets of agrichemical companies. They don’t care about the environment, mass extinction, glyphosate poisoning, and growing epidemics because they’ve been richly paid to look the other way by the corporations.
Mason’s accusations of corruption are backed by 23 E.U. nonprofit environmental groups, who were furious about the E.U. giving their blessings to Monsanto and glyphosate for the next five years. They say the recent decision proved the E.U. pesticides regime is an utter failure and showed the absolute control exerted by agrichemical companies.
Monsanto and Dow Chemical weed killers eventually create their own superweed monsters
Agrichemical company Monsanto is reaping the benefits of corporate control of farming and food. It makes billions on its widely used weedkiller, Roundup, which uses the toxic chemical glyphosate.
Roundup is used by most industrialized farmers, lawn and golf managers, and many homeowners to kill anything green and growing that remotely resembles a weed. They all think it’s harmless, but glyphosate is a cancer-causing chemical that is linked to numerous ill effects on animals, humans, plants, and the environment.
In the U.S., the EPA has just approved Enlist Duo, a new herbicide developed by Dow Chemical that combines two toxic chemicals. On their own, glyphosate and 2,4-D are bad enough. Together, they compound each other’s negative effects on living things.
The innocuously named 2,4-D is an artificial plant hormone that triggers cancerous growth in plants. During the Vietnam War, it was combined with yet another chemical – 2,4,5-T – to create the cancerous defoliant Agent Orange.
If that wasn’t bad enough, 2,4-D also contains TCCD, one of the most toxic dioxins on Earth. Yet the EPA approved this concoction, which farmers from 34 states will spray on corn, cotton, and soybean crops that have been genetically engineered to withstand its deadly touch.
Enlist Duo was created to kill superweeds that evolved immunity to glyphosate alone. Given time, the reborn Agent Orange could create new superweeds that will require even deadlier poisons.
If you want to become more aware about how GMOs and glyphosate might be affecting you, visit GeneticLunacy.com.
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