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Beijing smog hits 'apocalyptic' alert levels as arsenic and heavy metals fill the air ... Is this where your dietary supplements are being grown?

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Beijing smog hits 'apocalyptic' alert levels as arsenic and heavy metals fill the air ... Is this where your dietary supplements are being grown?

Post by Harry on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:57 am

December 4, 2015 By: Jennifer Lea Reynolds, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) China's smog – linked primarily to the country's coal burning processes – has long been a problem, forcing many residents and commuters to wear protective face masks and fear for their health. However, it's taken a horrific turn for the worse in very recent times, causing people in the country to live in a perpetual blanket of haze that's often described as apocalyptic.(1)

Beijing is the latest area drawing immense concern.

There, haze is so thick that construction has ceased, highways have closed and residents are strongly encouraged to stay indoors. But worse than stalled transportation and feelings of frustration, is the unfortunate fact that heavy metals exist in Beijing's air, as reported by the environmental group Greenpeace. The group noted that Beijing's air samples were tainted with the harmful compounds and included arsenic levels that were a staggering three times higher than national standards.(1)

Serious health problems as poor air quality reaches alarming levels in China
Additionally, the U.S. Embassy's air quality monitor has rated Beijing's smog as something that exceeds hazardous health levels.(1) Without a doubt, smog-related health problems run the gamut from lung cancers and hepatitis to stroke and heart disease, all of which have been experienced in China.(2)

In fact, Shenyang, China, also recently gained widespread attention over its smog problem, where many area hospital respiratory wards reached capacity. There, the smog reached 50 times the World Health Organization's (WHO) maximum. Typically, 25 micrograms of smog particulates are considered acceptable maximums by WHO. However, this area vastly exceeds that number, reaching an unbelievable 1400 micrograms, or 50 times beyond what WHO recommends.(2)

If people in China aren't safe, how could the food that comes from there possibly be?
All of this being said, we come to the issue of food quality, which is quite the oxymoron in terms of food coming from China. As we've written in the past, staying as far away from food that comes from China is your best bet to maintaining good health.

Think about it: people can hardly see who they're standing in front of over there; arsenic-laced air fills the country; and people are issued warnings to stay indoors. How on earth is it logical to then head over to your local supermarket and eat foods that come from China? If people aren't safe over there, why would their food be? If it grows, lives or swims there, it shouldn't touch your lips. Produce, fish, herbs, supplements – you name it – stay far, far away.

How to enjoy quality food from your own home
This is all the more reason to check out FoodRising.org and consider ordering Mini-Farm Grow Boxes, created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger himself. They're all about allowing you to grow fruits and vegetables yourself, so that you can experience the ultimate in sustainability, while looking out for your health.

At the very least, be sure you buy organic foods whenever possible, and of course, do your best to eat fresh, whole foods.

Expect ongoing changes on the planet
Interestingly, those describing the smog in China as "apocalyptic" aren't all that far off.

While many Chinese residents have joked about apocalyptic movies or zombies to describe the smog that surrounds them – likely using humor as a coping mechanism – experts have warned that serious challenges are in store for the planet.

For example, in 2014, leaders at a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) conference held in Montreal, Canada, said that by 2050, the likes of "monstrous" waves and massive ice storms will plague the planet. They also said that airplane passengers can expect in-flight air turbulence to double, and that there will be more flash flooding in general. Indeed, the planet and its inhabitants are changing – not always for the better – and things like China's dismal smog problem reinforce the severity of the issue.(3)

Sources for this article include:

(1) CA.News.Yahoo.com

(2) NaturalNews.com

(3) Blogs.NaturalNews.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052201_China_smog_arsenic_contaminated_soils.html#ixzz3tYYHOGG3


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